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The exercise program on cellulite

A cellulite exercise plan goes straight to the root cause of cellulite, below the skin level. Creams and cosmetic preparations can not deal with the problem of the level of the skin. Obviously, the results can only be superficial and after a short time the appearance of cellulite comes back.

The exercise plan for cellulite To understand what exercise does in cellulite, consider for a few moments the composition of the skin and its underlying layers.

The first contains chambers of fat cells separated by connective tissue. Connective tissue is one of the four main types of classified biological tissue. Women have a different cell structure than men, which is why they suffer from this problem. The connective tissue that separates the chambers from the fat cells in the woman's body is aligned more or less vertically, while in the body of the human, it appears in the form of a cross.

The fat cells can come out of the fat cell chambers in the dermis. just under the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis). This creates an eyelid or orange effect on the surface of the skin. As men have thick layers of epidermis and dermis, in addition to the different connective tissue structure, cellulite is not noticeable.

In women, however, the thighs and buttocks store more body fat. The aging process can contribute to more fat, settle down in the subcutaneous layers, as well as a loosening of the connective tissue, both contributing factors to fat cells that protrude into the dermis.

With all these changes under the skin, it's understandable why creams and cosmetics are not limited to what they are. Exercise can affect fat cell chambers by reducing fat deposits. It can also tone the muscles. The muscles are under the subcutaneous layers. The top layer, remember, contains the fat cell chambers. The soft and weak muscles can accentuate the problem of cellulite, now firm, tonic muscles, give better support to fat cells in the dermis and minimize the effect of cellulite!

So, what type of cellulite exercise program is recommended? According to the researchers, a 40-minute program 3 times a week can do a lot to keep the body toned and minimize the effect of cellulite.

The 40-minute cellulite plan can be divided in two. For 20 minutes, strength training exercises for the upper and lower body should be performed. This group of exercises can include push-ups, bicep curls, and the flat bench press for the upper body, and for the lower body, hip adduction, extensions of legs and bending of the legs. This can be followed by 20 minutes of aerobic exercise that can include cycling, walking, climbing, running and swimming.

and much more in an easy to follow format.

With a cellulite exercise plan, a reduction of cellulite. It should be noted that there is no easy solution. Advertising and sensational claims for certain types of cellulite preparations should be viewed with caution. At best, they can only provide a temporary solution. A much more realistic approach is to embark on a calorie reduction diet. That's right, it's a lot more work and more difficult to follow, but then the results are much more enjoyable too.

A whole body, this approach helps to address the problem of cellulite the underlying cause. Review the exercises recommended for bodybuilding and aerobic activity, select those with which you feel comfortable, and begin to firm muscles and reduce fat in the fat cell chambers that get find under the skin. You will certainly be rewarded for your efforts!

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