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F/23/5’5 [260-160=100lbs] face before and after😭

F/23/5’5 [260-160=100lbs] face before and after😭

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  1. Amazing! And what a perfect time in your life for such a transformation. Enjoy the rest of your 20s!

  2. Wow, the difference is amazing, you look amazing. But more importantly you seem happier with the progress you have made. Congratulation.

  3. Look at that chin! Amazing!

  4. You’re really pretty and cute. Enjoy your hard work and success. 😊😊😊😊😊

    P. S. – How long did the transformation take?

  5. You’re adorable and your eyeliner game is on point!

  6. That is quite the achievement! Congrats! I can’t imagine how good that must feel!

  7. Completely killed it! Thanks for sharing and giving me motivation to hit the gym on a Sunday. 🤙🏻

  8. OMG! Absolutely stunning! Great work!

  9. Wow incredible! How long did it take you?

  10. Oh my god you’re adorable! Amazing progress, I do hope you’re proud of yourself because you deserve to be!

  11. That’s what you call a transformation, you look beautiful!

  12. this is one of the best transformations i’ve seen so far, great job and congrats on moving up to a 10!

  13. You’re beautiful!

    How long did it take you? And how did you do it?

  14. OMG, now you can see! Fucking awesome job!

  15. Oh wow, your eyes are so full of vigour! You look beautiful!!

  16. You are stunning. Congrats on all your work.

  17. Your shirt from the before pic wasn’t fucking around.

  18. Wow, you’re so beautiful and now everyone can see it! Well done!

  19. What amazing progress! Also, your eye make up looks amazing, on a totally different note.

  20. Face goals!!! Also skincare routine?

  21. Bloody hell you’re beautiful.

  22. You lost 20 years off your face!! Amazing!!!

  23. My favourite thing about face gains is always the eyes and how much bigger and brighter they seem to get, you look absolutely stunning op 😍

  24. Amazing. Keep up the hard work!

  25. Wonderful transformation! Congratulations, and good luck on your continued success.

  26. You look amazing! Congratulations on what must have been a long and difficult process.

    Side note- your eyebrows look perfect. I’d watch YouTube tutorials of your eyebrow procedure!

  27. I MUST know – falsies, extensions, or badass mascara??
    You have won the game, congratulations! You must feel so much better. Keep it up!

  28. Great work! You are glowing, and your smile is gorgeous (in both photos) 🙂

  29. Omg you look gorg. What did you do to lose it?

  30. ADORABLE. Good job!!! You look amazing, what an incredible accomplishment. You’re positively glowing!!

  31. Aww girl you look so good, and so much happier!

  32. You’re lovely! I hope you’re enjoying life in your new body.

  33. You are so beautiful. I love your smile. Well done on your amazing progress. It takes a lot of dedication.

  34. Dang, girl! Congratulations!

  35. Great work! You should be very proud!

  36. Same beautiful smile, same beautiful face, just a whole new life! Congratulations on your achievement!

  37. Wow. You are so freaking adorable! Congratulations!

  38. Dang girl! You’re a whole new you. Keep rocking, you’re killing it right now.

  39. You’re gorgeous! Great job

  40. Holy shit gal! Congrats on the progress, and you are gorgeous!

  41. You are SO adorable! Congratulations, babe!

  42. Hard work paying off!!! Congrats! You’re beautiful before and beautiful after. You just look like your life game is on point

  43. Wow …that’s… amazing !

  44. You’re gorgeous! Fantastic job on the weight loss!

  45. Lovely smile that gets even brighter and wider in the after pic! Love it. Good work!

  46. Wow that jawline is amazing! Congratulations on the 100lbs. That is super awesome!

  47. You look like Roxanne from A Goofy Movie 😍😍😍

  48. Holy goodness, you look like an angel in the after photo!!

    Nice job! Keep it up!

  49. Wow you got so much less blurry too!

  50. Oh wow this is incredible. Congratulations on your amazing progress!

  51. That’s incredible! You look so much happier and more vibrant! Definitely inspirational!

  52. This makes me wonder a lot of things.

    It is a little unsettling that random people on the internet are basically complimenting you on your looks now in hopes of being well received and/or further encouragement and what not but if you were still the person in the before pic, nobody would bat an eyelid.

    Yes, good transformation indeed but it’s so eye-opening that the different yous in the two pics can induce such different reactions from perhaps the very same people. I’ve had a similar transformation (definitely not at your scale) but I see this more prevalent in women than men.

    Well done though. Just thought I’d point out an interesting observation

  53. Wow amazing job! I aways wonder if I’m hot underneath all this fat too.

  54. Yes and still GORGEOUS!!! (shirt)

  55. Congrats! I love your hair style!

  56. You, my friend, are an inspiration. 😍

  57. You look wonderful 😄👍 great job

  58. girl those cheekbones!!!! you look fantastic, great job! very inspirational.

  59. You’re so cute omg!!! Great job ❤️

  60. Beauty turned into perfection

  61. Zamnnnn, you look amazing!
    Congrats on the progress, keep it up! 😉

  62. your shirt before says gorgeous, now your face does! You look fantastic and sexy.

  63. I am so impressed with the transformations that have been coming up as of late. You are absolutely gorgeous, you’re definitely doing great work!!! Keep it up young lady, you’re awesome and a wonderful inspiration for any who want to make changes like you’ve done

  64. The pain in the before photo must have been the beautiful butterfly in the after trying to get out. Enjoy life! #ItWasACocoon

  65. Holy crap. Your face was very cute before, but now eyes have opened up and you look so sweet! Congrats in the healthier-ness

  66. There’s no way this is the same girl person…

  67. Uh what… You’re gorgeous now 0_o

  68. Those lashes are killing it! You look great!

  69. You are absolutely beautiful! Great heart shape face gains!

  70. You look great; you chose to share this; everyone has taken time to comment, to congratulate, and to ask questions, so I hope you take the time to answer their questions.

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