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F/22/5’8 [190lbs > 158lbs = 32lbs] Didn’t realize how big I got. Saw myself in the first photo and decided to lose the weight. I feel so much better!

F/22/5’8 [190lbs > 158lbs = 32lbs] Didn’t realize how big I got. Saw myself in …


  1. I think the weight has come off you pretty evenly all over. This is probably why *some* people say there is not much change and why you yourself might not feel like there is much change. Yet.

    But there is definite change. And you are doing wonders for your health and your future.

    Keep up the great work. You are kicking arse!

  2. woah huge change in cellulite visibility. Actually cant see any cellulite in the after photo at all. That is amazing progress for 2.5 months! Definitely post in another 2.5 months, because I bet there will be even better progress.

  3. You look awesome! We have very similar body types so this is extra encouraging 🙂

  4. is it just the camera or did you get tanner?

  5. Great job! 30 pounds takes a lot of work to lose! You should be proud! 🎉

  6. You look way more toned in the second pic! How did you get rid of the cellulite? I can’t get rid of mine. I’m not overweight, just got cellulite ☹️

  7. Wow!! You’re definitely on the right path!! Keep up the hard work you look great!!

  8. Please give yourself the credit you deserve. It’s absolutely noticeable. It’s all in the details – Neck, forearm/wrists, lower belly, back, elbow, etc. You shrunk very proportionally… you are very fortunate to not store fat in one particular area! Congrats on the progress!

  9. Hey there! Congratulations!

    Please do not get discouraged by the comments. But I really appreciate recreation of the pose. You have visibly lost weight all over like /u/skytreegrass mentioned. Heck, I can even see your wrists are slimmer, so are your ankles.

    SO GOOD! Keep it up! <3

  10. Your legs and tummy look amazing! So lean. Keep kicking ass 🙂

  11. You look wonderful and I can definitely notice a big change! Don’t be discouraged by people who say otherwise. You’ve got this 😊😊

  12. So much difference, I think you look beautiful in both but I hope you’re feeling healthier. Thank you for sharing your progress!

  13. great work you look amazing!!!

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