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【Chill Trap】CloZee – Koto

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  1. https://youtu.be/Mp9MN6B4fbA
    Can someone tell me what song is that? I'm going to crazy now 😂

  2. i can picture a glorious duel between shen and zed to the sound of this

  3. If I ever made a movie I'd no question use this song

  4. when i enter Hongkong/Tokyo for the first time xd

  5. Yes! Yes, a million times, YES!

  6. Hey @xKitoMusic is there any way to submit My older brother's music to your station for review? he does a lot of electro instrumentals and other music.

  7. This is pure love.. I love you clozee. And ive been searching for you…. Thank you for who you are… I really love your spirit

  8. That image is too beautiful….

  9. Who is she , from which Anime?

  10. When I first saw this I thought I was looking at Bayonetta

  11. 감사합니다 메에⤴️무우⬇️세에➡️♡님

  12. Nobody else hears gabes bark??

  13. This should be a graet theme song for a game which includes any type of martial art which includes china or Japan

  14. Just a question.. CloZee – Koto but its on the video as `Ke-ro-na-ro" am i missing smth?

  15. you used the sound of real Koto?

  16. Yo I know this song is old- but I fucking swear that girl is Templar Assassin from DotA.

  17. Sounds more like Shamisen

  18. Think I was born into the wrong culture lol this kind of music is crazy good to me instead of the crappy American music they play here

  19. Wallpaper which anime ?

  20. Made me remember of samourain champloo 😂

  21. Like si vienes por chango rap :v

  22. can anyone use this song?
    any copyright?

  23. Hmm… They think they can win just coz they're stronger than me? They can't even touch me… Ninja smile

  24. When you main Aramusha from For Honor.

  25. NOmatter the soound as no matter has a sound.s

  26. I can't find any other Asian themed trap song better than this What the fuck

  27. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥4Dayz 🖕

  28. Why is this song uploaded twice on your channel?

  29. Is this song copyrights free?

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