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【Drumstep】Aero Chord – Mortar (Original Mix) [Free Download]

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  1. Ah sweet, depressed memories from last year… 🙂

  2. I didn't come for the song 🍑👅

  3. I love music, and your chanel was so good i can listen what i want .

  4. This was removed on NightcoreGalaxy, so I came here.

  5. pic reminds me of akazuki

  6. Nice!!!
    I likeThis song!!!!!( ʘʖ̮ʘ )

  7. does that piano thing sound familiar to anyone else?

  8. I honestly am happy I found this channel 😀

  9. Over two years have passed since this channel brought me to xKito. For what it's worth, I hope to still be listening at four.
    Keep making my day, Kito. Love what you do.

  10. anyone who calls this music needs to stop cause. it's not. ,this is… pure badassery

  11. So is this lass from an anime or is it just art?

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