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Beatologi – Replay (feat. GIIA)

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  1. Хайпанём немножечко

  2. Hey, darling! Visiting this video again after a year. Still can't stop being happy while listening AND can't stop hitting replay 😉

  3. Guess what imma do hit replay

  4. When I listen music in my mouth!! replay once more

  5. amazing voice and beautiful background pick totally fell in love

  6. "Hey dude, what are you studying?" …. "Beatologi"

  7. my replay to this song: if you cant stop hitting replay than hit loop

  8. I cant hit replay because I have a loop button

  9. Can't stop hitting replay (・Θ・)

  10. Can't control myself playing this track again and again.. And those drops are just beautiful.

  11. Exactly…can't stop hittin' replay!

  12. Not meant but to be a pun but I honestly can't stop hitting replay xD

  13. My mom said if I turn this up any louder she would smash my head against the keyborad, but I dont belivjrdsjrofhdl94hy6v 2v7

  14. Heck I can't stop hitting replay either

  15. This song is awesome!!! Th4 beats are just amazing!!! And the singing is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. I see shiki, I click like

  17. wow what a song! but the last 30 second kills it 🙁 dropping the tempo and just doing shit dont continue listening after 2:10 😀

  18. So don't stop me don't stop me .

  19. I can't stop myself from clicking the Replay button

  20. I can't stop hitting replay.

  21. Honestly, I knew just from the title that this was going to be an addictive one. And I was right– I can't stop hitting replay.

    (Oh-oh, hitting replay… Oh-oh, hitting replay…)

  22. Uh-oh, I cant stop hearing this so i got to be hitting REPLAY

  23. Why don't you make a playlist for gym 🤗

  24. I literally can't stop hitting the replay button.

  25. damn…too bad i can't click on the Replay button…..


    *badumm tsss*

  26. Not-Early Squad, WHERE ARE YA?!!?!?!

  27. Its hard to find bear drops like these

  28. Girl is Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. Thank me later. 👌

  29. Love that Drop though. Eargasmic

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