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Champion – Breathe (feat. Veela)

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  1. Whart' are u mean'n 'bout Ft. Veela? Like a Veela from Harry Potter?

  2. The power this song has is amazing. It doesn't really relieve the pain when I'm feeling down, but at least it fills me with hope and gives me the strengh to carry on.

  3. Liquicity 2012 is that you? Man that nice vibe i lost got it back.. Thank you champ

  4. Please delete the video!
    I know that is Shal.E's illustration.
    I saw in Shal.E's twitter, you have stolen without permission and he expressed his discomfort.
    If not, I can file a legal suit.

  5. 일러스트 허락맡고 쓰신 건가요?

  6. Fucking incredible. Instantly added to my best of the best playlist.


  8. The more you listen to it, the more relatable it is

  9. Great track and amazing artwork for the background

  10. Shall.E -> illustator
    Please search on youtube he has his own channel


  11. the lyrics speak to me!
    "I have always been consumed with passion,
    And it scares me when I am stagnant."

  12. xKito where you found your pictures ?!

  13. When Clinkz, Windranger, Mirana and Drow Ranger gank Naga Siren. :3

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