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Elohim – I Want You

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  1. I love this song it's lit god

  2. This Song Makes my Head so wublie wubile 😀 <3

  3. A mash-up with Lunity, yes please!

  4. good song, just really dont like the chorus or whatever at 1:20

  5. Still literally one of the best songs I have heard all year

  6. Oh god, can you also writing a song? this is so good

  7. I like this song, but wait. Is this all about a girl that wants to make things with someone? And things I mean…

  8. The picture is just so cute <3

  9. Sees U Uploaded A Vid Breaks Down The Door And Connects To Speakers And Puts On Full Volume

  10. Oh my gawd, over 1 million views!!!! Congrats Xkito!!!👏👏👏

  11. danm well this is rare cause right now this song has exactly 1,000,025 views

  12. 999.553 views
    I believe I can get to 1 million just by myself.

  13. quiero un sub español de esta canción :c

  14. yeap this is the one, man this is one of my favs for sure

  15. Just saw her live. Let's just say…The dance floor was HOT!

  16. idk if this was intentional or on purpose but i feel like the headphones were meant to be beats which would be a "b" but its a "d" xD

  17. Man, I don't know how many times I come back to this one.

  18. I knew that was Yoshiko! She looks so cool in this drawing.

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