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grandson – Thoughts & Prayers

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  1. Was anyone reminded of Georgy when the child whispered "We all fall down?" I don't know it gave me chills and then I thought of IT XD

  2. this song is based off the shooting in Florda. i love it and my cousin who was in the shooting, listens to it when she goes to her best friends grave.

  3. This band is speaking for all of us they sing the trity the happening present the consequence

  4. I really wonder how every single song on this channel is sooo good?

  5. better in 2x or 1,5x speed….nice

  6. Your Musics are really cool dude! Well DONE!

  7. If grandson went to the middle east he will find alot of inspiration for his lyrics.

  8. Another good one. These songs speak, not to just a music lovers taste but to realistic problems.

  9. This song is so underrated

    YouTube needs to get thier crap together ;-;
    Nice song Xkito 😍😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥

  11. Deep meaning but is he shaming gun owners?

  12. I'm surprised I haven't seen a "No thots" joke yet

  13. grandson takes lyrics from other actually talented artists not a fan of him.

  14. "No thoughts, no prayers, can bring back what's no longer there"

    Like my self-esteem?

  15. Просто блять идеально

  16. The sad Thing about this Song is… that it is True. This World… Humans are fucked up. If nothing changes (which it won't) this World is doomed.

  17. Came back to this song after the Texas school shooting. Hopefully Trump does something about it this time and we stop losing innocent lives 🙏🏼

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