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KVMO & Massive Vibes – Physical (feat. Ashdown)

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  1. Is it normal that the lyrics hurt that much?

  2. 🤘😈🤘 очень круто!

  3. I've been literally ADDICTED to this song since when it came out and heard it. I listen to this song on repeat every day, I never really got into a song this much,, the Drop is so addictive and sexy.. Thank you so much for making this song KVMO, Massive Vibes, Ashdown and xkito for posting this plus picking such a beautiful artwork. I'm so glad I found one of my most favorite song

  4. Viêt Nam điểm danh tại đây…

  5. Daaaaamn that picture lookin a whole lot like a young victor/ Leonardo di caprio mixture 🌚🌚🔥

  6. Amazing music ♥ you never let your fans down ^^ everything you create is just so absolutely flawless!

  7. The picture is almost too realistic and it's creepily sexy.

  8. guy kinda looks like my brother lol

  9. i have to subscribe, 5th song ive found of yours and my lord, its amazing <3

  10. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I came for the picture
    And so did you

  11. All your songs are so fucking amazing! I love this playlist!! You are really damn good!!! THANKS!

  12. What was the app that was use to make these super cool backround ❤️❤️❤️

    And do anyone of you know good quality darwing apps???

    I mean't drawing 😅

  13. We got 7 billiards of people on this planet and I fell in love with someone who doesn't even excist.

  14. Lol the picture is killing me cause its so pretty, also it's so well drawn, how do I art ;-;

  15. First line : "if you can feel my fingertips"
    Me : ooooooh insert lenny face

  16. i broke my replay button i love it <3

  17. This is the new 50 shades of greyfyfyfy people.

  18. Damn this guy….

    Damn this drop…

    Damn i'm in love…

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