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Party Ghost – VPR

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  1. I came here cause of ROBLOXIA radio, WHO THE HELL IS POKEMONRANGERBOY12?!
    (I know the Youtuber, it's a joke.)

  2. The comment section
    60% PokemonRangerBoy12
    39% Norcda
    1% ????

  3. Who came here from "Minecraft 9/11 Intro"?

  4. came here cuz of Jinx but ok LOL

  5. Who else is here from Norcda Childa?!

  6. I love this song it gets me pumped up

  7. tainted comment section monkaS

  8. Yeah finally I'm here…. All because of that pokemonrangerboy12

  9. Qui est la grâce à moi !??… Ah personne… Ça m'étonne pas 😶

  10. W A T C H I N G M I N E C R A F T I N T R O S

  11. Anyone came from Norcada Childa

  12. Anyone else just find this song? I love it

  13. I came here cause of Mr beast

  14. Omg I remember I was in this love with this song, and re-hearing it makes me love it even more 'cause it's so good

  15. Who's still listening to this in 2018

  16. I came here because PokémonRangerBoy12 xD i just like music #ShipOn #ILoveMusic

  17. Thanks Prb12 The Best intro Song ever

  18. I’m Here for SeeDeng his old outro

  19. Who’s here from anyone APART from pokemonrangerboy12?

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