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[Progressive House] – Mako ft. Angel Taylor – Beam [Free]

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  1. Been listening to this song since 2013 through the ups and downs. Still hits me the same after all these years.

  2. Yo is this even the original? Why is it different to spotify?

  3. Came here to tell that this song is still PERFECT even 5 years later.

  4. Puta que me da nostalgia volver acá. Recuerdo esas tardes de octavo básico en que me ponía a esperar los lives de los días domingo. Y esta era una de mis canciones favoritas. Recuerdo esas legendarias tardes con peluchín, o algún juego de terror para darnos un cagaso de pies a cabeza. Realmente extraño esos momentos, para que decir que me encantaría volver a ellos. Xoda qlo, espero que si alguna vez pasas por aquí por melancolía leas este mensaje, sabiendo que existe gente que aun espera el regreso de nuestros lives domingueros de las 8 que empezaban a las 9. Sigo aun tus gameplays de terror, pero el hecho de expandirte a muchas areas te ha hecho perder lo que originalmente te caracterizaba y te distinguía entre otros. Aún así, espero volver a ver algún live tuyo que me vuelva a causar esta sensación. Y si tienes tele, ahí te ves ;w;

  5. Dannic-Mako Beam original track!

  6. who came here by domestic mango forza horizon tutorials???

  7. veriiii veriiiiiiiiiii guuuuuuuuuddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  8. Can i use this song for my YT channnel
    I Will give credits and stuff

  9. I'm like listening to this song everyday

  10. Lovely, lovely…..


  11. This is electro house not progressive house

  12. Holy shit 2 years 2 whole years how did I miss this

  13. I wish Ihad a true love that would run through the wild to find me… I'm so ALONE!! 🙁

  14. Along time ago i listen on this one omg 5 years subscriber so proud of you to keep it going almost 6 years!!

  15. has this song been taken down or something?

  16. This is even better than 2PGFT.

  17. Dolby 5.1 destroyes everything 😮

  18. Download link is not working?

  19. This is the best song ever Let's the game begin this is progress by a smoare summer
    YouTube channel Smoare

  20. +Nik Cooper thanks for sharing, I'm hearing it over and over again.

  21. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Is it weird if i get a boner every time I hear this song

  23. Gregory Denis brought me here. 😀

  24. i love this song since it came out and im still not tired from it

  25. Damn i just ask why does +Nik Cooper  have the best Progressive in the world ? <3

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