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she – Prismatic

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  1. Is that a cigarette or a lollipop?

  2. Agreed, Coloris is a great album.

  3. This sounds so much like Dirty Androids!

  4. This is some tekken background music stuff loo

  5. Oh yeah that synth bass line!

  6. You guys don't know how much She means to me. Seeing them back is making me cry tears of joy. Their music has really contributed to my life in ways i cant even explain. when i saw this i couldn't believe my eyes lmao

  7. she is the fucking best . . .

  8. yo xkito you should join his discord 😀

  9. what about me,he,we,knee,free,tree,and Lee?

  10. hello xkito you have a great channel but do you has someone of big room house hardstyle and happyhardcore

  11. i live for she's songs istg

  12. I can't stop listen to this music

  13. god this is a hard song to play on audiosurf

  14. … I don't recognize that character from the anime at all… any one able to tell me who the character is specifically that is from this pic (and Air Gear)?

  15. Thanks, now it sounds like you can't talk english for shit

    "Shes song is quite good"

  16. I'm starting to pick up some sort of a trend from xKito. She seems to like eyes/looking related things.

  17. this background reminds me of that teacher of garden of words

  18. Is she a she or is she a he? Sheesh.

  19. Love it when the ad is longer then the video it's self lol

  20. not his best work, but absolutely to form

  21. What are you a fucking weeaboo?


  23. 1:35 my god the head bobbin is real

  24. I can't put my finger on why this is so goddamn good. i can't get it out of my head.

  25. solid track. When will Shemusic get the recognition is so rightly deserves?

  26. When you find out Shes a guy lol

  27. usually dont subscribe to music channels on youtube, but you guys post some fucking cool shit

  28. The picture is kinda odd, tough enough to wield a chainsaw but she needs a bandaid for the minor cut on her face? I dunno I just feel like the bandaid is out of place here

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