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Suyano & RIVERO ft. Chloe Stamp – Shockwave

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  1. When it comes to this style of Electro House this is one of the best songs out there! The way all the sounds connect, the gentle progression having so much effect all those beautiful details… The melody is super ergonomic and the vocals are outstandingly beautiful and fitting <3 Masterpiece right here <3

  2. i wanna marry woman can sing like this 😍😍

  3. This will be 1st at Eurovision… xD

  4. It should have been marked as Chill music, i have goosbumps right now :/

  5. zyzz would approve of this muzza music

  6. awesome page man!!!! i like your uploads helps me to be updated with the best songs…

  7. Probably my favorite channel to get progressive tracks. IS all this music possible to use in videos?

  8. RIVERO upcoming talent, hell yes!

  9. so fucking great! it is like a SHOCKWAVE to my spleen

  10. Wow just wow , man u are soo damn good , my new favorite song !

  11. My ears ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. One of the best i have ever heard in that channel<3

  13. so fucking awsome bro !!! love youre music ! #CooperArmy

  14. There's spaghetti all over the floor


  16. +Nik Cooper Is there any instrumental version available of this track?

  17. Oh Nik Cooper we have come a long way. I have been listening to your channel since I could remember. I'm glad to see that you have done so well for yourself by doing what you love! keep it up Sir 🙏

  18. Sorry I posted something before and wrote it wrong. XD

  19. Never fails to satisfy my ears ^_^



  21. 😳😶powerful!! Brilliant progressive

  22. hola vengo a traer el español :3 me gusta <3

  23. hi guys i always listening music on this channel and a lot of people say for song that it's dope so…i want to know what means "dope" ty guys and Nik your channel is awesome i never stop listening ❤

  24. todas música quer for daora eu estarei lá … acho que eu estava brincando ?

  25. oooh, this music is great ! and I can feel great.. very good job! ♥

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