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Thomas Jack – Rivers

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  1. If I could like this a million times I would.

  2. Antenne Bayern brought me here

  3. super teledysk podoba mi się

  4. listend to that song every day when I was backpacking through Bali, GOOD VIBES ONLY <3

  5. And now we r in 2018, hope u have a gr8 summer! 😉

    E ora siamo nel 2018, abbiate una bell'estate! 😉

  6. Wytatulowalam sobie cytat z tej piosenki❤ ' We'll never say goodbye ' 💪

  7. WOW ! there arent't any more words for this song. Speechless. Everytime I hear the song I think about happiness, freedom and Adventure and I'm about to imagine where I want to be in 10 years. The song makes you feel very comfortable about life and how beautiful it truly is. But nevermind… greetings from Germany ! 🙂

  8. Boys help me out. Just uploaded a vid with my bro for science class. Comment, "Give them a 100" to help our cause.

  9. The perfect song to drive along a beach coastline

  10. This really better then the Nico & Vinz version. This is one of my favorite songs.

  11. Did anyone else find the Nico& Vinz version better🤔?

  12. this song make me overpower !

  13. I’ve listened to this on one of my a trips, and it’s so good. If anyone gets the chance, do it!! My boyfriend and I had a great time jamming to this.

  14. To mi bardzo przypomina wakacje ❤

  15. Version with Nico & Vinz is better 😉

  16. This is great¡ Te best song

  17. Never get tired of this song

  18. Questa canzone mi porta tanti ricordi di ogni estate ive vissuta. Godetevi ogni giorno che sei vivo ricordatevi di ragazzi. Non importa quale sia la via della depressione e delle cose cattive. Un giorno troverete la felicità

  19. amor infinito por esta canción al dia de hoy

  20. Who is this magnificent vocalist?

  21. Hi AirwaveMusic, I'm making a short video of my summer holiday and I would like to use this song. It's not for commercial use and I will mention the owner of the song. Do you give permission for this?

  22. Im still loving this song after a long time

  23. bad tune mate aint for years and love it some much

  24. Ça aurait dû être un tube planétaire… je comprends pas.

  25. I just found this song last month and I love it so much ^-^ :3

  26. Who else got here from DutchPilotGirl? 🙂

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