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Unlike Pluto – Worst In Me (Official Lyric Video)

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  1. So if you guys weren't aware already, Unlike Pluto is one of my favorite producers. I worked real hard on getting some of his music on Lowly Palace and this is the first of many to come!
    Side Note: He produced, wrote, and sang this entire song!

  2. this is sick as i love the beat on the chorus

  3. Ohh My god ..The Animation just looks fabulous <3 Song's great too….Ofcourse!!

  4. You know it's good when it's Unlike Pluto

  5. better in 1,5x speed or 2x

  6. This song never die ,2018=)

  7. I came here from the anti nightcore and this song just feels too fast lol

  8. This is Me to a girl i used to be best friends with!

  9. This would be an amazing Suicide Squad movie soundtrack. I love it, powerful chorus always gets me.

  10. wtf i wanna marry this song??????

  11. no entendí lo que dice pero esta chida la canción


  13. When the bass drops change the speed to 1.75x.
    Trust me its awesome

  14. i saw an animation meme with this and it was garbage, but atleast the song is good.

  15. I love unlike Pluto his songs are so addictive and my favorite song is everything black! But I love this song too!!! 😍💖

  16. Legendary , perfect , very nice <3 😉 TÜRKLER BEĞENİN 😀

  17. Best lyric video ever! ;v

  18. This Song Reminds Me Of Can't Pretend By Tom Odell.

  19. when i hear this i think of sangwoo

  20. Never knew unlike Pluto had such a good voice. He should sing all his songs.

  21. this was so good that I forget to like

  22. Even better with headphones

  23. Bruh I can’t believe he make this song,wrote and even sang it

  24. this music looks like sadboy musics

  25. Damn the video tho , sick music too 🔥

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