1. How did you not get any loose skin???

  2. Love when I see other short girlies on this sub! I’m the same height and 172. Started at 185 and hoping to make it down to 150 by the end of the year. UGW is 130 for my wedding next May. Keep it up girlie, you’re KILLING it

  3. does life feel easier? can you tell us how you feel after your transformation?

  4. Wow…. great job!…. looking good 💪

  5. Amazing!! Care to share your best tips and routine??

  6. Well, if that’s really you in both photos, you’ve done a freaking amazing job. What a transformation. Enjoy your summer of bikinis!

  7. Amazing work girl!

  8. can you share how you did it? You look incredible!!

  9. Wow awesome job and you looked good before and you still look great. I guess I should post some pics as well. Getting healthy is a lifestyle.

  10. timeframe please? i’m very inspired by you

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