F/25/5’3 [129lbs > 133-ish lbs = +4lbs] (8 months) trying to stay motivated

F/25/5’3 [129lbs > 133-ish lbs = +4lbs] (8 months) trying to stay motivated

  1. You look great!

  2. Good job! You look so much more toned now.

  3. Really getting toned 🤩🍑

    Keep it up! 🙂

  4. I’m happy with the progress I’ve seen so far! But I’ve noticed I am plateauing a little bit. I do struggle with consistently eating better, so I’m sure that’s why I can’t drop anymore. What is your advice for low will power around food, primarily sweets/snacks? Even when I have healthy snacks around, like fruits and veg, I will still sometimes go out of my way to leave and get something more…fattening. I love working out and going to the gym, it’s just the eating I have a hard time getting control over!

  5. Awesome job!👏

  6. Well done… keep it going! Looking great! 💪

  7. Amazing progress well done 👍

  8. Continue to stay extremely motivated!! I know the number on the scale is discouraging when it goes up but girl what a freakin difference!!! Keep at the gym, diet (as in clean eating) and a little bit of cardio and you’ll continue that way! Honestly I feel the same way sometimes, I’m 167 as of today and I’m only 5’4

  9. Nice work, but I gotta vote for the before because Yoshi🙌😂

  10. yoshi. thats all i wanted to say, thanks for coming to my ted talk

  11. I only mean this motivationally: bangarang

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