F/27/5’4” [183lbs > 138,8lbs 44,2lbs] [82 kg > 63 kg] Weight loss progress in 22 weeks

F/27/5’4” [183lbs > 138,8lbs 44,2lbs] [82 kg > 63 kg] Weight loss progress in 22 weeks

  1. Wow! Can I ask how you did it?
    Your before pic is similar to my body type!
    Congrats, be proud of yourself!

  2. Crazy good progress! But seriously you look so beautiful in both pictures, you had an amazing hourglass even before with a good hips/waist ratio, was it just dieting or also working out?

  3. Amazing 🫶🏾

  4. Your body literally said⌛️, that’s AMAZING

  5. Great job!! May I ask your pants size before and after? We have a similar body type and it seems like my entire body will lose fat before my thighs.

  6. Great work!

  7. Wow this is great. How much effort on a scale from 1-10 do you think you put in? (I am assuming 10 based on the results) but genuinely curious.

  8. You look so good!! This is literally my goal weight. I’m just an inch shorter than you. My SW is 207 and I’m down to 172! You look so great!!

  9. You look great! 🔥

  10. This is TOO impressive for 22 weeks! Congrats!! Would you share how you did it?

  11. If that is the same bra , it is amazing how your weight loss has improved the fitting . Congrats your transformation is really showing

  12. Nice results …keep it up!🔥

  13. Great job. You look amazing. Keep it up!

  14. Looking awesome!

  15. Congratulations! Substantial drop and you look amazing. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Is that the same bra?

  16. Awesome progress! Where did you find motivation to work out and diet this strict? I need to lose the lock down weight and need something to motivate/inspire me to get me off the couch…

  17. Super awesome! Congratulations!

  18. Super job!

  19. our bodies look like they’ve gone through almost the exact transformation, i look very similar and have really similar stats. i’m struggling a lot with my thighs—they same like they’ve stayed the same size. is there any way to shrink them?

  20. Side comment you have such a nice body shape. You look great in both

  21. Noice

  22. GIRL !! good job !! Noo great job ! Amazing job mam ! Dedication pays

  23. Workout plan? Wife is trying to lose weight and losing confidence that its working

  24. What does his diet look like?

  25. Rip Dms

  26. Aww, you’ve done it! The right way, too. It doesn’t look like you have loose skin, like I do. I lost 140 over ten months then 30 in a couple of months later (no surgery) and have a bit of loose skin I might have trimmed off of my tummy and upper arms at some point. You look amazing!

  27. You look FANTASTIC! Good work, you should be proud of yourself!!

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