F/28/5’3” [125lbs > 134lbs = 9 lbs] Arms progress and body recomposition

F/28/5’3” [125lbs > 134lbs = 9 lbs] Arms progress and body recomposition

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  1. Holy moly, those are some legit gains! Keep up the great work!

  2. I would not try to fight you in a parking lot.

  3. You look great! You’ve added good size on your arms💪 How did you manage the recomp while baking all those delicious treats?🤩

  4. Thats so amazing! How long did it take you?

  5. Any tips OP? Your arms are what I dream of 😍

  6. Wow, you look AMAZING! How long did it take? I’m the same height and would love to someday be as ripped as you.

  7. wow!! you look amazing, my actual dream arms for real lol

  8. Well played, ma’am.

    Very noticeable. Looks great.

    Mind sharing training/diet points you changed?

  9. Word!!! That’s amazing progress. Your arms are very define. Love it.

  10. Geez dude, that’s pretty insane. How much time was there in between the before and after picture?

  11. Goddamn shawty got yoked! Amazing progress!

  12. 🤌🤌 excellent effort, with matching results. Shoulder vascularity? Impressive.

  13. Impressive! May I know your programme?

  14. may I know your routine? 🙏🏻 you look absolutely amazing!

  15. wow!! you look great. Honestly, my goal is your before pic.i would love some advice. Can you please tell me how you weight trained as a beginner. and the amount of protein you ate. there is so much conflicting advice on the internet.

  16. You look great, especially your shoulders! Did you ever bulk or have you been just trying to build muscle?

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