F/29/5’6 [146-140 ~ 6 lbs loss] two months of daily cardio and macro tracking, but still not seeing as much progress on the scale

F/29/5’6 [146-140 ~ 6 lbs loss] two months of daily cardio and macro tracking, but still not seeing as much progress on the scale

  1. You’re already in an ideal weight zone for your height. The visible results are pretty dramatic for two months. You’ve probably added some muscle.

  2. No change on the scale but that’s an incredibly massive difference physically
    Quite impressive

  3. Holy crap I can’t believe these images are 6lbs apart. Nice job

  4. I’m also 5’6″, and anything less than 140 for my body type is extremely hard to achieve and maintain. What’s your goal?

  5. Ignore the scale. What matters is your fitness level and bodyfat percentage.

    There are numerous fitness models that are actually heavier than their starting weight, but look skinnier.

    [Here’s a good photo essay about women that weight the same before and after getting fit.](https://www.insider.com/photos-women-look-different-same-weight-2018-3) In every case the fit version looks significantly thinner. Many of them are about your same weight.

  6. Throw the scales in closet. Instead use your body’s performance measure to measure improvement. Are you improving your personal best times? That’s what matters. Looking good by the way.

  7. The scale isn’t an accurate measurement of fat loss. If your losing fat and gaining muscle the scale can stay the same or even go up

  8. You might not see it on the scale but that is huge recomp progress! Right now you dont need to lose any more weight, just start eating at maintinance and hit the gym to build some muscle.

    Also side note but I love the Rengoku tattoo :>

  9. Sorry, I should have said, Great work by the way!

  10. Hey, so the reason you’re not seeing a bigger drop is that you’re building muscles as you lose fat. Muscles are heavier than fat, and since you’re going from almost no muscles, it’s normal for the number on the scale not to change much.

    Your body, on the other hand, clearly shows a very significant change already. You look much slimmer and toned.

    I don’t mean to overstep, but I saw in your other comment that you used to be underweight. That, plus your daily cardio routine, makes me think you might not have the healthiest relationship with fitness.

    My personal recommendation is that you stop looking at the scale and incorporate weightlifting into your routine if you wanna look more toned.

  11. I love your rengoku tattoo! Also you look amazing. 🙂

  12. You look amazing. Hard work pays off. Keep killing it

  13. Oh I have an Inosuke tattoo like the Kyojuro one you have on your knee.

  14. Can’t believe that’s only 6lbd difference. Amazing and well done!

  15. excuse me you look like an entirely different person. what workouts are you doing?

  16. Who cares about the scale! Hellooo hourglass 🙌🏼

  17. You’re doing great. It’s harder to see when you see yourself everyday.

  18. Grab a smart scale.
    It makes it easy track body composition. The last couple weeks I’ve stayed the same weight but dropped 2.3% fat and increased muscle mass.
    It helps me stay motivated throughout the process. I have the Withings body cardio.

    You look great btw.

  19. Such a beautiful tattoo, haha. Sorry about that.
    Congrats on your gains!, if you allow me to make a recommendation, consider adding some strength exercises to your training, these will help you gain more muscle, and I think your body will be thankful, you’ll look amazing!

  20. Huge difference. Nicely done. Cool tat!

  21. Wow excellent work. When it comes to fine-tuning, I always avoid the scale. And just focus on the aesthetic of how I look versus how much I weigh.

  22. Don’t worry about the scale! Those before and after pics pretty much say it all. Great work!

  23. Great progress I agree with the others if you’re looking for some definition it’s time to add weight training 💪

  24. Can I just say that your tattoo is gorgeous?! Love it! And congrats on the progress, you look great!

  25. That’s incredible progress in 2 months holy cow

  26. Throw the scale away girl! Keep it up, looking fantastic 👍🏼

  27. The scale will fool you, dont pay too much attention to it, you’re making awesome progress!

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