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M/15/6’1″ [161lbs > 192lbs = 31lbs] (13 Months) Currently a sophomore, but I’m considering competing in a natural teen show by the time I’m a senior (my comment has more info)

M/15/6'1″ [161lbs > 192lbs = 31lbs] (13 Months) Currently a sophomore, but I'm considering competing …


  1. Are you 30 or 25? With your post history you said you were 25 three days ago. It almost seems like this account was made for karma or spam. If this is real, amazing work! But no need to lie about age.

  2. I thought you were 25 3 days ago?

    Edit: OP has now blocked me, hmmmmmm interesting

  3. For a crazy transformation you ended up with a pretty good butt haha 🙂 should be proud! Also I could swear your tattoo has shrunk.

  4. You are amazing! What a difference!! Do you have sagging skin anywhere? I stared at 226 and am currently 163 and I have soooooo much loose skin on my belly.

  5. So you lost on average 3.5 lb every week for 6 months?

    The results are amazing though

  6. Congratulations! How long did this take you?

  7. Damn it’s crazy to see how the body just shrinks like that. We’re not “big boned” at all..

  8. This is amazing. I know you feel incredible; you look fab!

  9. Not meant to be an offensive question — did your tattoo shrink? And if so, did it alter how it originally looked? I want to get one but i fear that ill alter its original appearance

  10. Congrats on your transformation. You look fantastic. I really like the before and after of your tattoo. It’s like a Shrinky Dink done with diet and exercise. You should be proud of yourself! Way to go.

  11. I’m so happy for you! Good job!

  12. Impressive! Glad you got over that sun burn too 😂

  13. That’s a dramatic change congratulations!

  14. It’s like 2 different people. Congratulations

  15. Wooow!!! I love how your back has slimmed down. Your body is a whole different shape. That is actually my goal, I am fighting my back rolls. Major inspiration. Also thanks for the clear picture without any crazy poses or excess clothes.

  16. Awesome work!! What would say is the most dramatic change you have noticed about your life since getting to where you are?

  17. This is seriously impressive but given the time period is pretty drastic for many people. Is your hunger manageable and do you still have a good relationship with food? They typically recommend maintenance phases with heavy weight loss to mitigate these issues and overall diet fatigue.

  18. Way to go! That’s so awesome, congrats on the weight loss!

  19. Wow awesome transformation! How long did your transformation take? Also, what was your daily routine/diet like? Amazing job though!

  20. Nice, it looks like we have a similar body type which is cool 🙂

  21. Fantastic job! Way to be healthy for yourself!

  22. Enjoy the new freedom of having good health!

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