F/30/5’4” [308 lbs >212 lbs = 96 lbs] i still want to loose about 50, sometimes I can’t see the progress

F/30/5’4” [308 lbs >212 lbs = 96 lbs] i still want to loose about 50, sometimes I can’t see the progress

  1. You are now smaller than the board you are holding in the before picture. 🙂 so the progress is definitely there!!

  2. We are like stat twins. Girl, during the pandemic, I lost 100 pounds got down to 132 and gained it all freaking back. I’m sitting around 212 right now.

    So once again, have to lose all this freaking weight we can do it

    It’s definitely not easy and I’m so proud of you. You come so far keep going something I tell myself is to remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  3. You look like a completely different person! You’ve done great work and it absolutely shows! Your face has changed beautifully as has the rest of you! Keep up the great work!!

  4. You dont see the progress but I see two different people! Youve done amazing and look amazing!

  5. Great progress! Also hello fellow PTK alumni!

  6. Amazing weight loss! How much time did it take for you to lose the 96lbs? I have very similar starting stats. I’m F/28/5’4″ and started at 315. Down to 224 currently but waiting to hit the 100lb mark for my next set of progress photos. It’s a long road ahead but we’ll both get there someday. Good luck with the next 50lbs! I hope you post again when you’ve reached your goal. 💜

  7. Oh I can definitely see the progress! This is amazing! Keep going, you got this!!!

  8. You’re killing it! It’s all about the journey, glad you can look back and appreciate how far you’ve come

  9. Amazing job! The progress is most definitely visible.

  10. There’s lots of progress! Good work!

  11. You’ve lost basically the entire weight of a short adult. Imagine carrying around an entire person with you.

  12. Nearly 100 lbs, that is absolutely incredible. Congratulations on the achievement, you have smashed it 💪🏻

  13. Can’t see the… pssshh girl you crazy.

    Where are you in that second pic? Looks cool.

  14. If you only looked in the mirror once a month, you’d see the difference, for sure. Or take a picture everyday in the same place and expression, and then make an animated film of them. You’d absolutely see the difference.

  15. I can see the progress hun you’re so beautiful 😍😍

  16. Amazing, definitely a huge difference.

  17. Congrats I see the progress! Any simple tips you have?

  18. Fantastic. Keep up the good work!

  19. Good for you for taking control of your precious life !

  20. Im 5’5”, was 293 at my heaviest. I am 175 currently, 1.5 years into my weight loss journey. I wish more people talked about not being able to see the difference. It’s a daily struggle, I know I am smaller, but I feel like my butt is every bit as big as it’s ever been. What really throws me is I will touch my behind and it “feels” big but if I compare it to something visual like my hand, I can see that it is changed. It’s a wild disconnect

  21. Tons of progress! You’ve done a great job. Keep working

  22. So much great progress!! Please don’t get discouraged.

  23. Great job!! Also yay for PTK!! 💛

  24. Body dysmorphia is very common for those of us who have lost a significant amount of weight. It’s been a few years and sometimes I see the old me 3x even though I am now a 6. You have lost an entire teenager , congratulations!

  25. Amazing! What hard work and dedication this must have taken. You look so healthy and happy!

  26. Your progress is astonishing

    Congratulations on your success and hard work. You look fabulous and are a true inspiration

  27. Fantastic progress, way to go! Good luck with the rest of your journey, let us know when you make your goal!

  28. You are doing great. Do not give up.

  29. You look great! I love your smile.

  30. Lookin HOT girl keep doin what your doin !! 🔥🔥

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