F/31/5’5” [220 to 185] Pictures are a year apart and I am still having a hard time seeing the difference.

F/31/5’5” [220 to 185] Pictures are a year apart and I am still having a hard time seeing the difference.

  1. Major face gains – you should be proud!

  2. Please make an appointment with your optometrist! 😂🌺

  3. Difference is clearly visible. You look beautiful! 😉

  4. That’s a huge difference! You look happier and healthy, not just thinner. Great job!

  5. You’re a doll

  6. I definitely see it. My goodness. Keep it up!

  7. The difference is night and day. Be proud.

  8. Big difference. You look fabulous

  9. Beautiful in both but the gains in the second picture is amazing. You should definitely be proud of your accomplishment.

  10. You have a defined jawline now! Your face was cute before but it’s even cuter now. Pretty smile too.

  11. i had to do a double take at the numbers because the difference looks even larger omfg kudos

  12. We can see the difference! Wonderful.progress

  13. You are beautiful in both but glowing in the after!

  14. Major face gains, and look at the difference in your body! You look much more broad before. You look amazing hunny. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see things as they truly are. 💖

  15. I see a big difference. I understand that it’s often hard to see ourselves objectively. I have a hard time with that, myself.

  16. That smile is contagious

  17. The one on the left looks like you were obligated to smile. The one on the right looks like you are genuinely happy. So, keep doing what makes you happy.

  18. You have naturally round features but your face looks less wide in the right. Beautiful in both though!

  19. I’m going through this now. And I can tell you, there is a major difference

  20. Very big difference! Keep it up!!!

  21. You neec some double seeing glasses then because you look awsome the diffrence is so clear how can you not see it you look great!!!

  22. Gorgeous!!! Serious face gains!

  23. You’re beautiful in both pictures, but in the one on the right, you’ve clearly lost a lot of weight. Congrats! ♥️

  24. First of all, great work! Second, I definitely see the change in your face.

  25. Omg you’re beautiful (in both pictures), I LOVE your smile!

  26. Awesome job. You look genuinely happy too.

  27. You’re def seeing improvement here for sure. Don’t stop until you’re comfortable in your own place

  28. WOW! That’s a major improvement! You look great! Any tips? Any tips you have?

  29. You need some new glasses because that’s a crazy difference

  30. This is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  31. This looks like it could be mother-daughter. Take that as a compliment- it took years off of you!

  32. Wow, huge difference. You face gains! Congrats for the progress.

  33. I can absolutely see a massive difference. To me, you look like a different person. In the first pic, no disrespect, you look like you’re in your thirties. In the second pic, you like you are barely 20. Can I ask you, did you take a lot of progress pics and look at them during the year? That could make it hard for you to see your own progress.

  34. Maybe look into a therapist to help you with dysmorphia. The difference is massive and significant, you look like a different person.

  35. Have you heard of the Paper Towel Roll Effect? The more you have to lose, the less noticeable it will be in the beginning. The first 10, 20, 30 pounds aren’t noticeable, but the last 10 pounds make a huge difference. Think of taking one sheet of paper towel off of a full roll. You won’t notice a difference in its size. But if you take a sheet off near the end of the roll, it may wrap around several times. Same goes for our bodies.

    Having said all that, you can totally see a difference in your before & after. See if you can find more whole-bodybones, I’m sure you’ll notice changes there too.

    Don’t be discouraged and take note of other Non-Scale Victories such as clothes fitting better, healthier habits, etc. Congrats on your progress so far!

  36. There is definitely a difference

  37. Rest assured op, there’s an absolutely massive difference! Great job!

  38. Not only do you look slimmer, but your skin is absolutely GLOWING in your after pic! I have complete skin envy right now, amazing job with getting healthier!

  39. Great job!

  40. I think you need better glasses then. Great job on the weight loss, and on keeping your lovely smile.

  41. clearly looks like you lost a lot of face fat, congrats ! you’re beautiful btw great smile

  42. you got todays wow

  43. There is a big difference

  44. Your face looks very different. It will be easier to see if you take a current photo in the same pose and same camera angle.

  45. I see a dramatic difference!!!! Nice work!!

  46. Dysmorphia is a big headache, but don’t worry we can all see it, great job keep it up

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