F/32/5’4” [260 lbs >180 lbs = 80 lbs] yesterday someone said they saw no difference in the face

F/32/5’4” [260 lbs >180 lbs = 80 lbs] yesterday someone said they saw no difference in the face

  1. seriously? you look completely different!

  2. In Australia we might say that the rude commenter has ‘tall poppy syndrome’?

    From Wikipedia “The tall poppy syndrome is a cultural phenomenon in which people hold back, criticise or sabotage those who have or are believed to have achieved notable success in one or more aspects of life..”

  3. Yesterday someone was jealous and bitter.

    It’s so very common with certain types of people, they can’t stand someone else’s success because they compare it to their lack of achievement so try to bring you down.

    80lbs is phenomenal and you look incredible! Like a classic movie startlet!

  4. They saw a difference. They were just trying to be edgy.

  5. They might have meant: ‘you’ve always been pretty’

  6. Huge difference in these pics. The girl who made those comments is 100% being a jerk due to her own insecurities. Ignore her.

  7. They were blind or stupid , big difference .

  8. They are lying! And possibly jealous. Nice job!

  9. Whoever said that is 100% jealous. Don’t listen to them. The difference in your face is huge!

  10. Yeah, I also see no difference with my eyes closed.

    Amazing job, you look great!

  11. I know someone like this. She’s tall, skinny and gorgeous but has the worst self of esteem of anyone else I know. If another girl is getting compliments or praise she’ll say something to bring them down. She feels threatened at the thought of not being the center of attention. The gym bitch’s words are a reflection of her, not you. You look amazing!

  12. How was the rest of your chat with Stevie Wonder? 😎

    Christ almighty you look like a completely different person!!

  13. Whoever said that was really just being unnecessarily mean. You can see a difference. Congratulations on making a big lifestyle change, you’re doing great!

  14. I read your other comments on your post and the woman that said this to you is just a bully. It doesn’t matter how thin she is, she is clearly insecure and finds comfort in pulling other people down to bring herself up. People like her will never be happy for you. You don’t need her praise or approval. Also, why isn’t this coach telling her to stfu? If my job was to help people get in better shape and I witnessed this shit I’d be telling her to fuck off.

    Good on you I guess for not saying anything back to her. I definitely would have put her in her place by now.

  15. You look FANTASTIC! How did you do it?

  16. I mean, sure, you have great cheekbones in both but there’s a huge difference in your jawline & chin. Your eyes look more open. They’re wrong.

  17. They were being mean when they said that! You went from round to angles on point!!! Great work!

  18. Probably because you’re gorgeous in both! Best wishes and keep up the awesome work!

  19. They obviously lied, ignore the haters!

  20. Fair to say, you have spotted a hater

  21. Whoever said they saw no difference is a liar who wants to hurt you . Ray Charles could see a difference.
    You go honey ! You did that , don’t let them still your joy !

  22. Then yesterday someone was stupid.

  23. Sadly, this may have been a comment sprinkled with jealousy – some don’t like to see others succeed. As others have said, the difference is very much noticeable

  24. Probably an out of shape hater. F them! You look 🔥.

  25. What a hater! You can definitely see the difference. You do you boo. Pay no mind to people like that. Also congrats on a massive feat! Well done 🙂

  26. Thats insane to me…I mean you look absolutely beautiful in both and there is also a very distinct weight difference. Also Hell yea girl!🔥🌺🤩

  27. Your face shape has changed drastically. It was round before but is much more angular now. Just look at your chin! You had a double chin, and now you have a single chin. Some people just say crap to tear others down. You’re doing great.

  28. Jealous people will try to bring you down because they feel they are slacking. So instead of working on themselves, they try to bring others down to remain the better one.

    You look so much better and healthier.

  29. They need to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible

  30. Whoever told you that was wrong! Nice progress!

  31. They be tripping for sure. You look absolutely stunning in both photos. There’s a difference tho.

  32. That person is either blind or jelly!

  33. Probably a jealous narcissist, to put you down, to devaluate your effort. Don’t let them! You’ve done a hell of a job losing so much weight!

  34. Was it Stevie Wonder?

    Seriously, massive difference. Very obvious. The other person just sounds like she’s trying to put you down out of her own insecurities. I saw your comment above that she weighs less than you – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what she sees in the mirror. Don’t worry about it. Anybody can see a massive difference. Keep on with it, you’re doing great!

  35. Then they must be blind!

    Brilliant progress 😃

  36. Love the jawline and high cheek bone, you look stunning!

  37. yesterday someone forgot to wear their glasses!

  38. They either were jealous or assholes…. Change is so noticeable… Well done 💪💪

  39. When I lost weight initially, a coworker of mine that I loved talking to said “you look skinny from the side but not the front” and it made me really, really upset. I had an eating disorder and her commenting on my body fucked with my head. If I look back now, I just wonder why anyone would comment on another person’s body. I don’t do it myself. I could only think that people like that are trying to tear you down. Don’t let it get to you, and continue on your journey.

  40. I wouldn’t fret too much on what others think it’s what you think is what matters, take care 🙂

  41. maybe they don’t have eyes lmao

  42. The fact that she started off with: “Oh, that’s you?” contradicts “I can’t see the difference.” There is obviously a difference but you don’t need her or anyone else to validate you because you have eyes. I will say this: Well done! You look amazing and you are an inspiration to me.

  43. After I lost my first 20 lbs, my gramma who, bless her is the only person who gets away with saying things like this, said after not seeing me for a bit, “I see you’re not getting any thinner.”

    I smiled and said, “oh gramma, it’s so sad that your eyesight is going in your old age.”

    It’s a shame this other person’s eyesight has clearly been damaged by your newfound radiance.

  44. You look like a different person tbh. Definitely see changes in your face. Good job!

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