1. Been running for 3 years. Changed diet and it started coming off effortlessly.

  2. 4 months?? Nice work! How’s the running feel now compared to before?

  3. Amazing work! I’m quite similar stats to you and this gives me hope. Thanks for sharing

  4. Your expression in the 2nd pic is awesome!

  5. Try to keep your arms to your side, your upperbody rotates less that way and that’s beneficial for your energy to run. 🙂

    James Dunne have some good videos on YouTube about it.

  6. Stop running away from your problems!

  7. Great work! I started to run too and it’s life changing for me. Currently doing the C25K but I already have a half marathon in sight in October. Any tips for heavier runners and how did your time/performance change after your weight loss?

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