F/33/5’5 [285 – 178 = 107lbs] No shame sharing my absolute worst & best. Self loathing is a helluva drug.

F/33/5’5 [285 – 178 = 107lbs] No shame sharing my absolute worst & best. Self loathing is a helluva drug.

  1. Amazing job!!! but where did you get that lingerie set????? I need!!!

  2. Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CICO, HIIT, Rest, Reflection, Forgiveness, Patience, Gratitude, Tennis, Walking, Fu*king, Shopping, Eating lots > eating less, Balance, Therapy and Letting go of things & people that don’t serve you.

    I feel like I’m 15 years in, but truthfully, I’ve been making changes for over a couple years here. I couldn’t be happier coming closer to my maintenance stage and excited to start isolating specific muscle groups. My goal is to be 175 of muscle, heart, and me.

  3. You look amazing! You are a bad bitch

  4. Wow damn what a transformation <3

  5. Wow you look amazing and that lingerie looks stunning

  6. It looks like you have amazing face gains!! Great job:))

  7. You look incredible! Good for you!

  8. Wow!!!! Absolutely wow! So proud of you girl

  9. Congrats! You look amazing and cute and sexy and we’re all applauding for you!

  10. You are looking great… keep working it so you never go back

  11. Oh my! Girl you look amazing! You radiate happiness and confidence 🤍🤍🥰

  12. You look great and what a gorgeous bra!

  13. Holy shit!! Hot AF, and I want that bra!!!

    Go you!

  14. Ok so I’m in love with that bra, can I ask where you got it? I’d like something I fall into like that

  15. I hope you feel as beautiful as you look.

  16. amazing transformation and very sublime lighting in the second pic

    it almost feels like a Renaissance (Rembrandt) painting

  17. What a hottie 🥵
    I wasn’t going to go to the gym just now but I’m going to now! Bras w the straps always make me feel sexy

  18. stunner, congrats on your achievement! love the juxtaposition of these two photos too 😉

  19. And now, you’re RICK JAMES BITCH!!!

  20. Nice gains. Got a little bit of Liv Tyler going on.

  21. What’s the time difference? Lol.

  22. Fucking shit is what we like to see. Looking very “mmmm”

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