F/43/4’11”[148>118=30lbs] (24 months) CICO, Walking, light weightlifting

F/43/4’11”[148>118=30lbs] (24 months) CICO, Walking, light weightlifting

  1. Damn, this looks more like a mother/daughter picture than a before/after. Congrats on your success. You’ve obviously put in a lot of hard work and it shows!

  2. Holy damn, you look about 15 years younger.

  3. Wow amazing and you look 20 years younger

  4. Girl, you Benjamin Buttoned yourself!❤️

  5. You seriously knocked 10 years off yourself

  6. Normal reading Left to Right really had my brain confused AF on this one.

  7. This is very inspiring! You look so much younger!

  8. Wait, you aged backwards?

  9. Wow! You look great, and like you’re aging down 🤩💞

  10. Great job! You look fantastic and honestly, younger! I just purchased a treadmill and was hoping to start getting into a walking routine. Did you follow any particular outline for time, pace, incline etc.? I do better with rules haha

  11. If it wasn’t for the (small amount of) wrinkles on your hands i would have called fake.

    Can you please share your secrets of de-aging with the world?

  12. Amazing!!! I’m at your sw and have plateaued. 118 must feel wonderful because your glowing!

  13. You look 40 years younger….Congrats.

  14. Wow you went from 40’s to maybe 20 something. You look great. I love your short hair though too.

  15. You lost 30 pounds and 20 years.

  16. Ha I’m so dumb I was looking at the old pic like why does age look old. Then I realised it’s the other way round and damn you look so much younger good for you.

  17. No fucking way…you went from middle age mom to college kid. How?

  18. it’s amazing how much working can somewhat reverse signs of aging. i love it

  19. Back to the future

  20. I was sure that this was a prank photo with mom vs daughter.

    Well done.

  21. Congrats. You look like your own daughter. ❤

  22. Wow… no offense but the before and after look like mother and daughter… congrats!

  23. I know everyone is saying it but WOW! You are aging backwards, I can see you’re taking good care of yourself and you look happy (in both pictures)! Keep up the good work, it’s inspiring!

  24. Everyone has already said it, but I will repeat it. It looks like mother and daughter.

  25. This is a huge difference

  26. Wow you look 30 years younger!

  27. Wtf, you look like your own daughter. Way to go.

  28. How was the experience if driving a Delorean? 🙂

  29. holy shit you look 30 years younger

  30. How did you go from being 57 to 17 in one picture?!?

  31. It’s been said but WOW, 10? 15? 20? years younger? Nice work.

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