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M/15/6’1″ [161lbs > 192lbs = 31lbs] (13 Months) Currently a sophomore, but I’m considering competing in a natural teen show by the time I’m a senior (my comment has more info)

M/15/6'1″ [161lbs > 192lbs = 31lbs] (13 Months) Currently a sophomore, but I'm considering competing …


  1. I couldn’t add it to the message, so that I will add it in a comment: I’ve been following the Weight Watchers plan and going to the gym 3-4 times weekly. I’ve been doing some weight lifting in the gym, and Les Mills Bodypump classes alternated with the occasional LBT or body combat. During January and the whole month of February, I haven’t been able to go to the gym because I had a car accident on the 17th of January and had an injury to my foot. I’ll start back in the gym next week!

  2. You look great! That’s quite a lot of weight to lose in 6 months!

    that’s so inspiring dude and thank you so much for sharing your strength and accomplishments!! Keep it up and sending love and good vibes for the continued journey!!

  4. Incredible work! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just wow! Amazing what you did there!

  6. Wow that’s really impressive progress for only 6 months. You’re crushing it OP! Thanks for the inspo!

  7. Great work! The progress is inspiring!

  8. That’s really impressive! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  9. Congratulations on your loss. You look amazing.

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