M/25/5’3″ [320 > 154 = 166] just to give u hope.. U can do it…. Alternate day fasting

M/25/5'3″ [320 > 154 = 166] just to give u hope.. U can do it…. Alternate day fasting

  1. For a newbie, what is alternate day fasting? Is it exactly what it means? Or are certain foods allowed? Can someone please elaborate? Thank you!

  2. Holy shit your face totally changed!! Weird question but was it a lot easier to find glasses after you lost the weight? I’m currently someone who has a lot of face fat and also have a low bridge and a wide face so buying glasses is impossible.

  3. Police are still wondering what the man in the lower mug shot did with the second half of the man in the first mug shot

  4. Innovative using mugshots for your before/after!

  5. Alternate day fasting really is underrated, great job dude

  6. It also looks like you went from 30 to 21. Amazing!

  7. Great job! Must’ve been like finding treasure when that sharp jawline became visible 🙂

  8. Fasting was a HUUUUUUUGE part of my transformation. I would fast 19 hours a day and only eat between 2pm and 7pm 👍 DRINK ELECTROLYTE WATER WHEN FASTING THOUGH!!!! You lose the minerals your body needs to shed the fat. Terrific results OP 😁 Congratulations.

  9. Fantastic man. This is really inspiring. Thank you

  10. When i saw the picture i immediately knew you were an arab 😬😬

    الف الف مبروك 🥳🥳

    I lost 30 kilos, and something i noticed is that people around me didn’t believe in calorie counting, my family believes that we are genetically cursed to be fat, but i showed them that they are wrong, they still don’t believe me though lol, did you run into the same problem?, i feel like a lot of arab societies lack nutritional knowledge, and still stick to fad diets and very unsustainable weight loss methods

  11. That is insane dude!!!


  12. Damn congrats bro. That hair is also amazing.

  13. from interpol warrant haver to handsome software developer, nice progress

  14. Lol you look like the male version of me now. Congrats brotha!

  15. Bro, I hope you robbed a few banks, and killed your arch enemy before you started on this journey. You would totally have gotten away with it. Amazing transformation here. Congrats.

  16. Question: what did you drink/eat on fasting day?

  17. Amazing change guy. Absolutely unrecognisable.

  18. There is no way that is the same person. Amazing!

  19. Congrats! You look great!!!! It’s like you got a whole new identity.

  20. Respect. You’re a good looking man, well done on bringing it out for all to see 👊🏼

  21. Incredible transformation! Your hard work paid off big time!

  22. Great job dude. You are looking good!!

  23. These are two different people. Amazing dude.

  24. Wow! This is one of my favorite transformations. So well done! I may need to give alternate day fasting a shot. I know everyone is different, but when did it start to feel routine? I imagine it was difficult at first?

  25. I learnt about alternate day fasting today. Is it that good?

  26. Amazing job. How long did this take you?

  27. So, basically extended intermittent fasting with walks. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Woow bro, nice 💪🏻💪🏻

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