M/27/5’5” [226lbs > 144lbs = 82lbs] Weight Loss Progress

M/27/5’5” [226lbs > 144lbs = 82lbs] Weight Loss Progress

  1. Jealous of how proportionately slimmed down. I don’t see much if any extra skin. Good for you man. You should be proud of yourself. Did you do anything for skin tightness?

  2. How much time do u needed?

  3. They did a sleeve for only 226 lbs?

  4. Impressive

  5. Incredible transformation! Well done!

  6. Very Good job! You could try weight lifting to tone up a little.

  7. nice cock brother

  8. Holy mackerel! Looking svelt

  9. You look great man. Good job.

  10. Clearly handsome at any weight. If you start lifting instead of running you’ll be a chad in no time

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