M/36/6’5″ [300lbs > 220lbs = 80lbs] Where do you see yourself in a year?

M/36/6'5″ [300lbs > 220lbs = 80lbs] Where do you see yourself in a year?

  1. You clearly have (had) a vision… And it shows. Rock on, star!

  2. Great job man – also rocking the beard

  3. Amazing work for a year. What worked for you to get to this point?

  4. Fuck me …. and great hair ?!?!… I’m hating this guy …

  5. I’ll get to it. 🫡

    You look great!

  6. For everyone wondering, I combine intermittent fasting and a mostly carnivore diet.

    Fattier red meats work best for me. Chicken leaves me craving bad things. I limit my carbs to my first meal.

    16 hour fast.

    Workout 1 – 2 hours pretty much every day. Sometimes twice a day. High reps. Light weight

    Yoga between meetings. One of the perks of WFH lol

    Edit: I was around 6’3 in the first pic.. Yoga

    Edit 2: 6’5″ in the second pic. The tallest I ever measured in college football was 6’3 3/4″. I have Ehlers-Danlos, so my connective tissue is basically rubber. Basically dislocated everything over the years.

  7. Outstanding! You look great!

  8. Do you have Zeus‘s genetics? Nice brother keep on going we are supporting you.

  9. How did you grow more chest hair at your age lol

  10. Great job, man! Congrats!
    I hope I can post a similar picture next year.

  11. Man I’m struggling, trying to find a way to lose at least 40+lbs in the next 5-8 months.. I’m currently 265, (the biggest I’ve ever been) I work night shift, my wife is a full time student during the day and we have 3 kids so fitting in a good workout schedule and diet plan is Tough!! Any suggestions?

  12. Way to go bro! That’s a feat!

  13. Same height as me and I started at 344, now at 295. I was unsure as to what weight i should aim for because I felt like 200 seemed a little light for my 6’5″ height. But 220 looks like a great goal for this height so its nice to see that.

  14. Great work! What was your caloric intake?

  15. You went for Taylor Lewan to Casey Dutton. Good job man!

  16. Ok imagine winning the lottery with a full head of hair at 36 and being 6’5 and working hard for a good body

    Good on you sir congratulations

  17. You look focused and confident on the left. If that is correct, look at what happened when you chose to believe in yourself. You did a fantastic job

  18. incredible effort 😮‍💨

  19. Bucknasty did it again 😎 nice work!

  20. All I can say is WOW. you look like a Hollywood hunk with the abs, the hair and the tatts!

  21. Visible abs at 220!!! You’re an animal. Good job man very inspiring

  22. Nice! Looking strong, dude.

  23. Exemplary work brother. I’m hoping to hit 170lbs lean mass by the end of the year (currently at 165).

  24. Let’s Go!! Nice transformation!

  25. Looks good before n after :p

  26. Down from 243 to 214 right now. Hoping I’ll be under 200 before Christmas

  27. Ah, you give me hope. You look phenomenal.

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