1. Remember 🌊🌊..🌊
    ROEvember 💙💙..💙 !

  2. Mein mega lieblings Lied 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. 🔥 I am mutating to be snakes.

  4. @xKito Music Kannst du eventuell wieder 2 Stunden Playlist machen wie früher? Höre mir einige davon wieder sehr aktiv auf der Arbeit an und konnte sie recht schnell auswendig 😀

  5. Now this is good shit. Lovely bowed instruments.

  6. anybody else listen to this song and think of Evelynn from League of Legends?

  7. There's a man eater on the loose, don't fall for her charms. Her sweet words are like poison, to corrupt the male mind. Run and hide to protect yourself. For if you're caught there's no saving you. I leave this warning for the ones, with freedom. It's too late for me, I hear her footsteps getting closer.

    ((Damn I feel bad for that dude.))

  8. Clean as fuck, and low key wild. Thanks

  9. You ever hear a song that fits an OC like a glove?

  10. I’ve been subbed to you for years and you HIT every fucking TIME!!

  11. Melanie martinez vibe. Not pitting women against each other, just enjoying both

  12. That deep dommy mommy voice got me actin up…

  13. I’m sorry?! Dove Cameron as in Dove Cameron from DISNEY CHANNEL?

  14. that deep voice … what can i say

  15. Amazing how consistent this channel is. xKito helped me to enjoy listening to music again after years of losing interest and listening to the same things.

  16. Gotta love this channel. Always good music around

  17. All I want for breakfast is you~ uwu

  18. This sick illness is not good… But fels so great

  19. Nice Songs From Morocco 🔝🙏

  20. It's still a mysterious world ^__^

  21. I still haven't listened to it but I bet it's good as every master piece u upload

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