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Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson)


  1. I'm really impressed with this remix. Well done!

  2. This cover of Amish Paradise is fire!

  3. Goodbye, Coolio. Soldier of hip-hop forever. Carry on, Gangster.

  4. You know a song is a classic when you don’t even need the lyrics to know the song.

  5. Now this is a good background, this ain’t sus

  6. Всегда любил эту песню

  7. 🔥👌 love from Indian 🇮🇳

  8. And she can play piano!? 😻🔥
    This is simple, yet satisfying, as both a remix and a stand alone track. Always Ecstatic to see & hear any xKito tracks.

  9. I worked with Coolio's sister one summer 😁

  10. I need more study music that sounds like this

  11. Oh Beautiful Remix,love your Effort
    Kito u r best

  12. gangsta's paradise remix?


  13. Episch and ♥ revy black lagoon♥

  14. Pianoxkito? What? Did you do this Remix by yourself? I'm a bit confused

  15. i really like the art it's so badass :d thank u for sharing xkito

  16. Мила майкъл много ми липсва😢

  17. Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas

  18. Is that Revy from Black Lagoon?
    Good song

  19. i love so much the original music, so this one is fire. 🔥

  20. Top Notch! Absolutely banging!

  21. Revy, gangsta's paradise, piano, and Mama Kito. Pack it in folks, we've reached peak performance

  22. Amazing remix, but this will forever be known as Amish paradise since weird al, lol.

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