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SaberZ – Neptune


  1. Put this on Spotify now!! ITS SOO GOOD

  2. These are some well written lyrics. Feels like a deep journey that takes place within the span of a dream maybe even a nightmare 🤔

  3. Wow! This is amazingly dark and has so many emotions, I love it

  4. This song send good shivers down my spine. owo

  5. I wish there was a, more like this, option for YouTube cause I’m trying to find songs like this.

  6. This song is incredible wowww

  7. Goosebumps in under 8 seconds. 🔥 🔥 🔥

  8. This art is good to me even song is❤️🎧

  9. Lyrics:

    God loves a trier
    Pain is the thing I acquire
    Mental desire
    Can’t some one make it end?

    Fanning the fire
    Watching the flames burn higher
    I’m not a liar
    But they don’t understand


    Where is the meaning?
    When will you choke on your screaming?
    Why does this feeling
    Never ever stop?

    Do I have choices?
    Talking with you but without voices
    Tearing up noises
    But I’ll never give up

    You were once my dearest friend
    I guess you weren’t meant for me

    Am I pieces tumbling down
    Wish that you could save me now
    It’s a disease cause I don’t know how
    To see what’s wrong or right way around

    Thinking in reverse thoughts are too loud
    Where does it end?
    Now I’m starting to doubt
    Bruises are purple and everything’s loud
    So sick and tired
    I can’t even shout

  10. Nice song and the pict fit perfectly with them

  11. I added your chnnel on Spotify. Ppl looked at me funny with yt in the car

  12. "Isolated Insanity"

    Perfect discription of extroverts during the pandemic

  13. This song is so beautiful. The Artwork fits her voice so good. 💙

  14. Давно я тебя не слушал
    С наступающим !

  15. Isolated totally deserve to be published here ! I'm happy to see them here

  16. I think I'm in love with this music

  17. been so many years I've stopped counting, feel like we old now, but thx for always giving energy to our dreams xKito 🌹🌹

  18. Kyrie Meii's arts always fits with these kinds of dramatic / emotional music ! Keep up the good work.

  19. Little bit of a less electronic and would be similar to some smooth tracks of the middle 2000s

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