1. She should do a collab with young elo

  2. Shiro is too cute 💕( ཀ͝ ∧ ཀ͝ )

  3. Wow this looks like a cool anime, i wonder if it has more than one season

  4. I just sang imaginary lyrics to this song for like 10 minutes, and this is how you know it's a good one 😀

  5. Oh my god. The old vibe is back!!! My favorite xkito uploads are still the old ones so this makes me so happy!!

  6. Kirara Magic wins, Fatality- I mean checkmate!

  7. Such a whimsical song, and oh do I miss this show…

  8. old music, my listen again kirara x xkito music
    my khow xkito 10 year ago

  9. You could have told me this was an AMAS song and I would believe you, but it definitely has that Kirara Magic touch to it. It's just wonderful 🥰

  10. This song has that aura of it being the OST to an Arcade Chess game back in the 90s and I love it! X3

  11. Kirara music never disappoints

  12. Couldn't be a better background for this

  13. The girl in the picture is shiro from no game no life

  14. Goes straight into my retro/gaming playlist !

  15. I’m such a fiend for Kirara Magic 👹

  16. Glad to see another great upload here! The art and song really do a great job together too 🙂

  17. Good music, very cute and beautiful art, good work!)💖💖💖

  18. No Music No Life…
    – xKito

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