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Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson)


  1. I`ve been listening to this for a month now, and it`s still slapping. Kirara Magic is just absolutely amazing. Not the first one I`ve become hooked on. Love it.

  2. I could listen to this forever.

  3. The blend of oriental sounds with melodic dubstep drops. As other commentators have stated, this really captures "Far Out's" music style.

  4. Holy Moly Silly, What an epic music, I subscribed the channel 🙂 This music is soo good.

  5. thumbnail gives me Spag Heddy – Ready The Throne vibe 🙂

  6. When tradision meet modern it make something difrent and amazing,i love this kind of music

  7. Was just listening to Horizon the other day, Kirara Magic just makes BANGERS!

  8. if you just add some words to this masterpiece

  9. Simplesmente uma música maravilhosa😲✨💥, fodissima 😳💞.

    simply a wonderful song 😲✨💥, fuckin 😳💞.

  10. This song is perfect to start off the new year on your channel, xKito! ^o^

  11. Is that dragon vomiting? 🤮

    Constantly 😂

  12. Getting a Epic ”Far Out” -vibe out of this!!! <3

  13. “A wounded animal yet bears teeth; Her eyes were full of hate. Full. And… at the same time, empty. Soulless. Like those horrible creatures she keeps around her. The dragon was frightening… but Maleficent, she was bone-chilling. He feared her hatred more than any sword. Burn them all, little dragon!!!"

  14. Awesome video nice work 🤎♥️💙

  15. Always loving the kirara magic vibes ♫ !
    ps: Another collab with like chevy or smthg would be insane, hope to see one this year 😁

  16. N1CE spicy 🐲🔥 album
    from Kirara Magic
    Happy New Year


  17. 01/02/22: Kirara Magic – Ash

    01/02/23: Kirara Magic – Dragonflame

    Coincidence 🤔

  18. Kirara Magic always had that perfect balance between chill and epic vibes

  19. Love the music you post, it always goes hard. And I will always do my best to support and help you grow

  20. Here we gooo! 🧡
    I love this Track. 🧡

  21. Magical sound for a magical new year!!! ❤️🎆🎇🎆🎉❤️

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