1. Who should Martin Garrix collab with next? 🤔🤔

  2. Man this is so 2015..
    Made me tear up

  3. Kx5, Martin garrix, SHM. BEATIFULL TIME.

  4. this is why garrix is the greatest. he knows exactly what fans want

  5. has been added to the electronic music combo playlist of youtube over on garrix's channel

  6. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Wait ¿Is this music free to use?

  8. you may not be skinny, you may not be fit, you may not be popular, you may not lit, But you are you. And that you is amazing, be proud. 💕✨

  9. raved to this on my bike on my way back home
    it is purely enticing to jam to it

  10. Absolute music track 🤗🤗👍🇮🇩

  11. Make Prog Great Again!
    I'm down dude honestly.

  12. Awesome❤️🇲🇾🕺💃🇲🇾💖

  13. Martin Garrix and Brooks 4th collab after Like I Do with David Guetta 4 years ago, after Boomerang in a GRX alias 4½ years ago and after Byte in exactly 5 years ago🔥😱💣

  14. Brooks is back after 2 years of hiatus in his last track Say A Little Prayer with Gia Koka back in 2020😃💯💥

    Ps. Still waiting for his track Loneliness to be released soon👀

  15. Martin Brooks should be the official name of Duo🤣🤣

  16. I love this song! I hope it blows up.

  17. Progressive house is making a comeback im so happy

  18. Good seeing Brooks again!!! Another soothing collab.

  19. There's nothing different, we have the same beats as Martin Garrix & Brooks – Boomerang

    But it has a different melody and it's nice.

  20. O Brasil está aqui 🇧🇷

  21. Oh yea here we go . Get me pumped for Friday night thanks !!!!!

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