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Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson)


  1. Imagining someone saying this to me is the only thing keeping me going at this point

  2. I know he is saying Hero but my brain keeps autocorrecting it to Hippo. Help me

  3. Sounds like any pop song the last 4 years -.-

  4. Gotta love the Attack on Titan background

  5. Imagine if Imagine Dragons was the one to sing this

  6. This would be the perfect song for Arcane Season 2 !!!!!

  7. Really this is a colab totally necesary for enjoy it with our ears.

  8. I can hear the Inspiration from Imagine Dragons. I like Imagine Dragons 😀

  9. Awesome video 💚🤍🤎

  10. My fave song currently.The vibes that give me are something else!

  11. Pretty good for a new ARCANE Opening

  12. This is an opening for a Marvel game? OoO That's incredible! 😀

  13. Чето гаррикса не почувствовал

  14. YouTube shorts made me go here! Win win

  15. Could definitely hear this on Into the Spiderverse 2 soundtrack

  16. My favorite song on Mrmommusic: Champion

  17. You have a mania for attack on titan?

  18. U got talent keep going my man sheers from Sweden

  19. Sounds like something Imagine Dragons would make

  20. Hmm, will probably hear this in the next season of Arcane

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