1. The ultimate collab to ever exist of my favorite artists xD

  2. 3 fucking awesome gods of music doing collab 🦊🦊

  3. Instead of "I'm praying" I heard "I'm braying" and I wondered where the donkey business suddently came from lmao.

  4. why is obs symbol there?¿- ALSO NICE SONG OMG

  5. Wooooah how did I miss this collab!! Ahahaha


  7. Back from the dead…
    Ground shaker, riot maker,
    Baiting faker, creative invader, kiss of danger, crumble the labor, dream waker, chaos maker, stake taker, endless flavor,
    Cursed favor, Fate mistaker, wall breaker, sledge,
    Knocked down what's in front, Looking past the ledge,
    Needle in the red,
    To changing…from the bottom, dredged,
    Cliff hangers, over and past the edge,
    The stretch.. final leg,
    Make the quit in us beg,
    Over the beat, quit will never be said,
    Whisper's from the dead,
    Stay ahead,
    Or lose your head,
    Back from the dead..
    More it must be said…
    Back from the dead..
    My shadow feeding, instead…

  8. I wish I could make music as well as these fine folks

  9. Xkito knows artists who are far better than shit bts

  10. If it isn't my three favorite artists featured on this channel o n t h e s a m e s o n g
    Time to loop it ad infinitum

  11. As per usual, Aviva, and Neoni both bringing a banger. The fact that they are working together just enhances it

  12. What's with the OBS logo on the mask lmao

  13. Xkito music es el mejor canal ✨❤️✨

  14. Collab between these 3 is a big event and really rare!!!

  15. Finally Kito uploaded this MASTERPIECE so more people can enjoy it !!! On repeat guys, on repeat 😈

  16. i love this song thanks xkito for sharing this x

  17. This is actually insane seeing three crazy good artists come together to make this and also being able to use three styles in sync. Love it and and thank you!

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