1. If you could get a new song from any artist who would it be?

  2. Recognized this song immediately Jesus Christ.

    could be sound amazing

  4. O refrão ficou meio exagerado mais ta melhor que a versão do skrillex sem sombra de dúvidas

  5. Awesome❤️🇲🇾🕺💃🇲🇾💖Awesome.

  6. I love this! But question – isn’t this moreover a full on remix rather than a flip? I felt like keeping the vocals and remixing the bridge or drop is more of a remix and a flip was just keeping all elements of the song but a few twists

  7. has been added to the electronic music combo playlist of youtube. i had a good time

  8. Banger from the past , make always great comeback . We never forget , the moment we listen . Since begining until the end , keep moove ur head for nostalgia <3

  9. indonesian likes Proximity❤

  10. Promises is one of my favorite songs to listen to. So lovely to see it back in my subscriptions! 😂

  11. This is what summer festival music is all about

  12. Omgggg I've always loved 👽Skrillex and this Tuunee…Loveee this Fireeee Remix!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. That first sec and I'm already being hit by nostalgia.

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