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Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson)


  1. Airwavesmusic, truly you are my favorite channel on YouTube, I love u and all your music.. Just another masterpiece added to my favorite playlist🔥, thanks for sharing ❤️

  2. Nukro, Nukrooooo
    Do you know me…. Or is it airwave that knows me ….

  3. Lose herself he won't do nothing now so take all you can now Brenda bend it flex it after do you feel empty n lonely I don't wanna talk Brenda just go live your life to I'm not into you anymore Brenda face it

  4. Abandoned never disappoints ❤❤💖💖

  5. Absolutely beautiful 😍 ❤ ♥ 💖

  6. Abandoned's touch reminds me of Ben Walter, ngl.

  7. 👑👑👑🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👑👑👑

  8. i am in a different more beautiful world right now when listening to this beautiful song. there is no stress or anxiety there ♥

  9. Nurko, The King, remix amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🌹

  10. แล้วโมโตโรล่ารุ่นโพลาโซนิค

  11. นายกิตติกวินทร์แสงสุก

  12. Sedap dowh kalau Nurko yang compose, seyes tenang je dgr lagu ni

  13. Oh my god absolutely legendary

  14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. 🌎 Boa sorte com o sentimento da música que marca!

  16. Olá Amigos, continuação de uma Ótima semana para Todos. Um Abraço..🙏🙏💝💝🇵🇹

  17. still i love the old version 🥺🤍

  18. How many advertisement need to watch for one song

  19. This remix is better ……❤️

  20. this is so perfect, I don't recognise my self anymore, I'm disappearing now,I need a space, I'm tired I'm hopeless, maybe I'm better off alone….

  21. This is really good………. I'd say both the real and this remake are 🔥🔥!!!

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