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Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson)


  1. Do you think this is the last song ODESZA is making? Or is there going to be an album?

  2. keep me in that song for ever 😩 it's like 2018 summer night VIP ⚡🥂

  3. There I was, watching Blooprint new video. And now I'm stuck here with chills all over my body

  4. I love this kind of muwsic omgggg

  5. VERY DIFFERENT…by the lords im impressed

  6. Cool!! Did you know that this track got added to the editorial playlist 'Ejercicio Total' with over 123K Followers on Spotify!

  7. You remember Idols?
    Good ol' days

  8. honestly vocals kill it for me, hopefully we'll get the instrumental

  9. This is an ok song but I can’t wait for more to come whether it’s a full on album or a bunch of single releases.

  10. Fantastic deep voice from a 76 yo powerful woman!

  11. Damon Albarn better be on the album

  12. That would be a good John Wick music

  13. Love how we go into full on chill dance territory half way into the song 😌

  14. It has a real Moby vibe, especially the vocals

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