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Moore Kismet – See You Go (feat. Courtney Paige Nelson)


  1. Had a little break from doing Trap Nation & Friends mixes, but we're back!
    Proximity was there at the very beginning. I remember listening to Vicetone, Paris Blohm, Tritonal, and countless others on the channel. It's such an honor to be able to partner with them on this mix all these years later 😌❤
    Thank you, Blake and GhostDragon, for making this happen 🙏

  2. what a mix ! You two guyz are awesome

  3. Dêem like para eu sempre me recorde dessa obra prima

  4. No way this what I'm waiting for!!!😭
    It's so good

  5. This is what we neeeeeeed chill and blast in one video 😚😚😚😚😚

  6. Dabest🔥🔥🔥. My fav Nurko and Illenium

  7. bruh ive been subbed for so long now, and still coming out wit bangers

  8. It makes me press the playback button many times

  9. Thank you for playing “The Story Of Us” 😄👏🏽❤️

  10. this bass track helped me have a party

  11. Thanks so much for uploading the amazing video⛄️

  12. Huge shoutout to Trap Nation x Proximity for playing “Story Of Us”!! Much love team ❤️🔥

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