M/27/6’3 Done this in under a year, although in the “after” photo this was around 125kg/270lbs. Plenty more to lose but happy with the progress so far!

M/21/5’7” This was a year ago. I’m now 190 but seeing old photos motivates me to get back into shape. If I can do it, you guys certainly can! Stay healthy ...

M/23/5’11” (Update) Replaced most fat with muscle. Almost a full year in to training. Excited to see what the future holds.

F/24/5’2” in 2018 I had quit cheering due to injuries and personal circumstances that left me struggling with depression and gaining 15lbs in a year. In ...

F/22/5’8 The same vacation one year apart! This is a couple months after I started my weight loss goals in 2020 and now in 2021 ❤️

F/38/5'7" (9 months.) Gone off the rails a bit this last few weeks but still feeling so much better!

F/40/5'5" weight might be off in the first picture a bit as I didnt weigh myself much then. Funny how you dont notice the change much until you see that ...

M/17/6’0 I’ve always been a big kid and to see the progress and the support from my family and friends this has given me hope to get where I want to be

F/29/5'1 11 months and finally hit my goal weight!

F/45/5'7" (14 months) Crossed the 100 lbs down mark, with another 65ish to go. Thrilled with my progress using CICO.

F/26/5’4” (3 years) Stress is a hell of a drug, I can't wait to add a third set of healthier progress

M/20/6’1” Finally earned a summer body I can be proud of after almost a year of lifting some heavy-ass weight