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Grilled Avocados – Slender Kitchen

Grilled avocados will be your new favorite fruit to throw on the grill with their smoky flavor and creamy inside. These are great for so many dishes from tacos to salads to side dishes. Jump to Recipe keyboard_arrow_down


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If you aren’t eating grilled avocados, trust me, it’s time to start. The addition of that slightly smoky, grilled touch takes what already is an amazing fruit and makes it even more delicious. Served on its own, in salads, on grilled meats, or in tacos  – grilling avocados will become part of your barbecue routine. 

Lately, I have been all about cooking unexpected fruits and veggies on the grill from these easy grilled apples to my favorite grilled cabbage. This week, I am taking things a step further and decided to throw some avocados on the grill and the result couldn’t be more delicious. 

The first night we made these grilled avocados, I place them in some grilled corn tortillas with black beans, salsa, and cheese. It was such an easy and filling vegetarian meal. Then the next night, since we liked them so much, I turned them into a simple summer salad with some chopped tomatoes, cucumber, corn, and the smoky avocados. Amazing. 

Avocados brushed with olive oil, salt, and pepper before going on the grill.

How to Grill Avocados?

Grilling avocados couldn’t be any easier. Start by cutting the avocados in half and removing the pit. Do not remove the skin. Then brush the avocados with olive oil or another fat. Season with any spices you like. Salt and pepper work great or you can get more creative. 

The preheat the grill to medium high heat. Place the avocado with the flesh side down. Grill for 4-6 minutes or until grill marks form. 

How to Serve Grilled Avocados

  • Avocado toast: Of you are an avocado toast fan, using grilled avocados is way to make it even more delicious.  In fact, this grilled version is one of my favorite summer dinners. Add the grilled avocado to your favorite bread with slices of tomato, some crumbled feta cheese, and a squeeze of lemon juice for one amazing meal.
  • Salads: Take your salads up a level using grilled avocado in place of regular avocado in any of your favorite salads. The slight addition of smokiness is so good. One to try is this Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado Salad or Salmon, Sweet Potato, and Avocado Kale Salad.
  • Tacos: If you were already thinking about tacos, we are on the same wavelength. There are two really good options here. First, make the avocado the star by making grilled avocado tacos. Or make your favorite grilled chicken or fish tacos and add the avocado from the grill right on the tacos. 
  • Salsa: These also make an amazing salad with diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos all tossed with lime juice, salt, and pepper. And in case you are wondering, it makes the best guacamole. 
  • Ceviche: This is also delicious with ceviche. Cure fish or shrimp in lime juice and then add the smoky avocado right before serving. 

Does it really taste different?

Yes and no! Yes in that this is a really amazing way to enjoy avocado since the grill adds some smoky flavor. Trust me, it’s delicious. If you are worried about the avocado being a little warm, just let it cool before serving. And no, because it will still taste like a creamy, amazing avocado. It’s everything you love about avocado with the addition of a little grill flavor. 

Best way to store avocados

Whenever I share recipes about avocados, there are always questions about how to store avocados to they don’t brown. Truth be told, avocado is always going to brown slightly after being opened, but you can slow down the process.

Start by squeezing some citrus (lemon or lime) over the avocado. Then wrap the avocado in plastic wrap, creating a tight seal on the exposed flesh. The air is what turns the avocado brown, so keeping the air away as much as possible will slow down the browning process. 

One more trick! If you notice that your avocados are ripe but you aren’t quite ready to use them. Pop them in the fridge whole. They will keep for an additional 1-2 weeks. 

Grilling avocados sliced in half with grill marks topped with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

How to know when avocados are ripe?

This is one of the most common questions about avocados. Always start by gently pressing on the skin without squeezing. When an avocado is ripe, it should have a little bit of give without being squishy. If it is rock hard, it isn’t ready. If it is really ripe, it also isn’t ready. Try not to squeeze the avocado too much or you can bruise the fruit inside.

Another trick some people use (although I don’t find as reliable) is removing the stem. It will gently pop out and if the inside looks nice and green, the avocado is most likely ripe. Again, I find gently squeezing the avocado to be much more reliable. 

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