How to Make Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes 3 Ways (Whole, Fries, & Chips)


  1. Hi everyone, here's the latest video in my Air Fryer series. I hope you enjoy these easy sweet potato options, and don't forget to let me know what what other recipes you would like to see in the air fryer!

  2. In the oil ,the same quantity ,you can stir fry them in a heavy bottomed fry pan saving so much electricity bill ,i just in the morning made onion rings ,small potato pieces and bitter gouard in an iron pan ,so yummy without any electrical gadget .

  3. Sweet potatoes on top of a pound of crispy bacon, so yummy.

  4. I noticed you said 350 for 15 minutes for the sweet potato chips but it's written as 390 for 15 minutes

  5. Thanks πŸ™. Dr. Gundry recommends it as a substitute for potatoes because it is low in lectins.

  6. What's the point in washing the skins if your going to peel the potatoes?

  7. Olive oil has a low smoke point and breaks down at lower temps . Avocado oil is fine . Sesami oil is great !

  8. I’ll try to them all I love sweet potatoes thank you for sharing this πŸ™

  9. I like whole potatoes with butter and brown sugar once you place a slit and pop open like a baked potatoes

  10. How do you like your cuisinart vs the Phillips AF ? Why did you use Phillips for the chips and fries ?

  11. Can we use butter or coconut oil instead?

  12. Looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing, friend. Let's stay connected.

  13. Hi this is my first time of watching you. I am thinking about getting one.

  14. Air fryers are so great to use. This baked sweet potatoes sounds delicious!

  15. This looks DELICIOUS! I just subscribed and I'm looking forward to more great videos like this!

  16. I never thought about adding cinnamon to sweet potatoes. Sounds delicious.

  17. All ideas are delicious. We were on the fence about getting an air fryer but now we hope Santa will bring us one for sure. Stay well and take care.

  18. Wow! I'm not sure which of these I've gotta try first. I think I'm going with the sweet potato cinnamon fries…. yum!! Have you ever tried jicama fries in your air fryer? I've heard they're good, but never tried them. I'd love to see you do that in the air fryer!

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