Instant Pot Spaghetti (with or without meat!) | How to Cook Spaghetti in the Pressure Cooker


  1. The spaghetti look overcooked and unappetizing, if you were to serve something like that in a restaurant in italy they would stone you and then crucify you just to make sure that you are as dead as the spaghetti you made.

  2. Uh! I dozed off ! What cha say????😂😂😂

  3. Thank you ❤ from a single retired old man!! Ha ha !! Use my instant pot for everything ❤

  4. Why can't ya all just say how much water and how long to cook. Why do you think I'm watching this?

  5. Perfect explanation and video. Short and sweet! Thank you.

  6. This is for LAZY people you NEVER break the pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!! it does not take that long to cook pasta as long as you put the proper amount of water and salt in the water. this not healthy for you cause if you over cook the pasta it will get gummy! so please take the time to learn how to cook pasta in a sauce pan. this is not faster as the water will boil before the insta-pot is even ready!!!!!!!! This a sad demonstration of how to cook healthy pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you! Just starting to use my new Instant Pot for the first time in my life. New no-kitchen setup 🙂
    Your video is very helpful!

  8. I know it’s a 3yr old post but it came out perfect thank you so much for sharing.

  9. omg , worst spghetti ever , italia hate u so much

  10. Please, respect the ingredients. YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER BREAK OR WASH PASTA. That is a crime!

  11. Water to pasta proportion not talked.

  12. I like mine “Al dente “ 😎😎

  13. It did not work for me. I will add more liquid next time or cook the pasta separately, I just can't see this method replacing the traditional way. It's a quick dish either way.

  14. I am here to defend this recipe as I ended up enjoying the pasta (though I did use 1/2 less cup of water as I anticipated it would not be to my own liking and also adopted the updated cooking time). I mean it's via an Instant Pot so I did not anticipate great restaurant quality and flavors but rather a low maintenance way of making pasta with meat. This is an Instant Pot meal for busy people after all: fast, easy and low maintenance to not watch over obsessively and clean and people are forgetting that. If you don't like a certain ingredient or amount of it, then adjust to your liking and that's any recipe. So I am here to praise Detoxinista for providing this educational YT for us! There was good bite to the rigatoni pasta that I used and the pasta sauce flavor was so well infused into the pasta. My only gripe was the vid did not show the amounts needed; it's in the link to the recipe but we live and we learn!

  15. Yet, another reason gluten free pasta is inferior.

  16. If I saute the mince in the pot first it always catches 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  17. Today I am going to show you how to make overcooked soggy pasta made for babies that cannot fork full sized spaghetti… Please don't do this to pasta.

  18. there is absolutely no reason to use this instead of the normal way to do it.

  19. How totally out of touch with cooking you have to be to do this? And spew such nonsense! Horrible.

  20. Snapping the noodles?! 🇮🇹🤌🏼⁉️


  22. I used the 4.5 cups—as instructed—and it turned into soup! Pathetic!

  23. Is there a way not to break off the pasta? I prefer my pasta regular long shape

  24. This is just idiotic. You can do that in the regular way in the same time without overcoking the pasta .
    That's not … Eew is just disgusting.

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