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  1. Wtf is this comment section , it’s so hateful for no reason it’s just a damn YouTube video, chill🤣🤣

  2. Real tuna sashimi is so much better for you. Stop eating vegan, it makes you weak

  3. Looks awesome, thanks for posting. Will have to try it to see if it tastes like tomato or like fish!

  4. This was actually pretty inefficient. Why not just marinate the tomatoes in nori,soy, vinegar,ginger and the other thing?

  5. What a great video! very well produced, great quality and of course the content is great, one of the better tuna recipies out there! I hope you guys get more views on this.

  6. That thunking noise in the background was just too distracting to even watch this.

  7. I hope you reuse that piping bag

  8. why do vegans name their food like the usual food? does it mean that they subconsciously still want the with meat version of it?

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