Which is the Best Juicer? Here are my 2 Favorites! (Masticating vs. Centrifugal)


  1. A centrifugal juicer wastes a lot of produce and with todays prices I cant afford it,Plus a centrifugal juicer is more fun ,and quieter,if you want to be healthy slow down and dont rush so much!

  2. please add raw cow's cream and unheated honey to juice, thank me later

  3. This is a great review and I can now decide what juicer I would like to use and when. Thanks!

  4. Hello! You mentioned, with the masticating juicer, your juice can hold up to three days in the fridge. Will juice not hold as many days if juiced by a centrifugal juicer?

  5. Which one is better for greens?

  6. Thank you for quick and informative presentation.

  7. How about the Masterbating Juicers? This woman is hot!

  8. music overpowers her voice….a no-no..

  9. Short and sweet description and helpful! Coincidentally – I bought your cookbook yesterday (Everyday Detox) and then found this video here (had no idea the book and video were by the same person). Thank you for providing this information!! Does anyone here know if KALE or GINGER ROOT can be juiced successfully in a centrifugal juicer. I have a cheap Hamilton Beach centrifugal juicer I bought 20 years ago – it doesn't juice kale or ginger. Please recommend a model/name.

  10. Would it be safe to make juice a day or 2 ahead of time with a centrifugal juicer?

  11. They both shine at juicing different things too! Centrifugal is better at harder produce. Whereas masticating can so harder… But shines at leafy greens. And you didn't mention vertical masticating juicers. Which tends to be a bit more rounded than the horizontal type in that it can handle soft fruits better than the horizontal type. Which is why I own the vertical masticating juicers. Also the newwrr masticating juicers out there have bigger feed chutes . Like kuvingsm. So you can throw in whole produce . And my juicer also has a self cleaning feature on it which helps if you have a family who might like different juices. Or just to kind of get some of the stuff out

  12. Excellent information. You answered many questions I had. Thanks.

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